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CMN Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Student organizations offer those individuals who desire campus community involvement an opportunity to meet and socialize with other students as well as members of recognized student organizations. The Student Affairs office provides services and resources for recognized student organizations such as CMN Student Senate, Native American Student Association, and Student Housing Organization. 

Student Senate

The Student Senate is designed to represent the CMN student body by providing a means of governance for student organizations, student input, and participation in the affairs and activities of CMN. The Student Senate serves the students as a forum to address concerns, to promote policies, to encourage community service, and to develop student leadership. 

Tribal Leadership Circle

The Tribal Leadership Circle (TLC) which emphasizes native culture, respect, and community service provides the CMN campus with a further opportunity to interact socially as well as provide an outlet to obtain leadership skills. TLC holds regular meetings throughout the trimesters to plan and conduct activities, community service, and fundraisers.  TLC is an organization for Native American students to take part in traditional activities, fellowship together, while reaching out to the college and local communities while providing a support system to help them through the college experience as a social outlet.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society

Encouraging Native American students to pursue careers and further their collegiate study in science, engineering, or other related fields is the overall goal of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society. AISES is part of a nationally recognized organization. Students recognize that the knowledge of the elders included the importance of understanding the natural world. It is with respect of the past and pursuing future innovations in science and related fields that AISES students can give back to their community. Along with the quest of scientific research and career development, AISES members participate actively in community service projects on campus and in the local area.

Student Housing Organization

The Student Housing Organization (SHO) serves as the unifying body for the Student-Residents by promoting leadership and community involvement. The Student Housing Organization serves all Student-Residents through elected officer positions and representation in the CMN Student Senate.  SHO offers social programs to help students gain personal strength and confidence.  Students can enhance their overall college education by becoming involved in activities that allows students to learn how to utilize free time in a variety of programs and events.  SHO is designed to build communities and to develop personal support within the residence units.