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CMN Tips for Native Youth

Tips for Native Youth

  • Culturally healthy youth take an active interest in learning their heritage and assume responsibility for their role as contributing members of the family and community in which they live.

    - Learn all you can about your family, kinship relations, and community history and cultural heritage.

    - Participate in traditional activities with parents, elders, and other members of the community, and learn the stories and lessons associated with those activities.

    - Become actively involved in local activities and organizations that contribute to the quality of life in your community.

    - Show respect to the elders in your community by assisting them in any way you can.

    - Get involved in local, regional, state, and national issues and organizations that impact your community.

    - Make healthy choices in your lifestyle that contribute to the wholeness and well being of yourself and those around you.

    - Always be a good role model, show respect, and provide support to others.

    - Participate in apprenticeships with cultural experts in the community and acquire traditional conflict resolution skills.

    - Associate with friends who can provide healthy role models that will make a positive contribution to your growth, development, and education toward adulthood.

    Adopted by Assembly of Alaska Native Educators Anchorage , Alaska

February 2001